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DA5 Charitable Contributions Fund

Applications are now being accepted for the DA Charitable Contribution Fund. Complete the application and organizational reference sheet and submit in one .pdf form via email to on or before April 17th.

The goal of the DA5 Charitable Contribution Fund (“CCF”) is to help provide assistance to non-profit organizations in Eagle, Summit, Lake and Clear Creek counties, that offer goods or services, which have been shown to:

1. Help prevent crimes or criminal activity; or,
2. Provide assistance to victims of crimes or criminal activity.

The “CCF” has been created for the purpose of providing assistance not across a broad spectrum of focus areas, but rather areas that are directly affected by criminal activity and the prosecution of crimes always for the purpose of seeking justice for individuals and for our communities. Our mission is to help improve the lives of the residents of the 5th Judicial District by preventing crimes from happening, and offering assistance to those who are the victims of crimes.

Defendants donating to the fund are usually persons who have a traffic offense (not including an alcohol/drug related offense) pending that occurred during a period where their driver’s license would have a separate period of suspension imposed by the DMV upon this conviction, but can avoid suspension of their driving privilege by a contribution (or performing community service) and persons who elect to enter a plea of guilty by mail, without the necessity of appearing in Court, with the DA’s office processing the paperwork for them.

Background of the Charitable Contribution Fund

A charitable contribution program has been in existence in the 5th JD dating back well over three decades. In 2011, Chief Judge of the Fifth Judicial District stated a policy, commonly known as a Chief Judge Directive, that:

“the use of charitable contributions as part of a plea negotiation shall be completely within the purview of the District Attorney; and the list of charities that may receive such contributions shall be determined and maintained solely by the Office of the District Attorney…”

The program was reformed by District Attorney Brown in 2013.

Pre-2013 makeover, the program had little to no oversight from the District Attorney’s office, making it impossible to track contributions made by defendants, which organizations received funds and the amount. Additionally, uneven dispensation to charitable organizations occurred, and therefore it was determined that non-arbitrary mechanisms should be in place in order to continue to dispense payments from criminal defendants to our community partners equitably, throughout the 5th JD.

As such, the program is publicized annually through local newspapers and on the DA5 website, as request for proposals for eligible grantees. The criteria is generally crime prevention and victim assistance offered by local non-profits within JD5. Written applications are reviewed by a Board comprised of a Deputy District Attorney, a community representative, and the District Attorney. Applicants are notified in writing of their acceptance or rejection for participation and a grant amount, which is dispensed quarterly from a bank at a local financial institution as indicated from the charitable contribution fund. No administrative fees are collected from the charitable fund. All records are subject to inspection by any requesting entity through CORA (Colorado Open Records Act), and are posted on the DA5 website ( we support/charitable contributions) and subject to an annual State required audit.

Funds are acquired through the Fifth Judicial District’s “Plea by Mail” program. To learn more about this program, visit our Plea by Mail page.

If your organization is interested in becoming a DA5 Charitable Contributions Fund partner, please download the following application and reference sheet:

DA5 Charitable Contribution Fund Application [click to download]

Organization Reference Sheet [click to download]


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