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Chicago Man Convicted after Trial of Aggravated Motor Vehicle Theft Spanning Several States

EAGLE, COLORADO – Devan Jones, age 28, of Chicago, Illinois, was found guilty late Thursday afternoon by a Eagle County District Court jury of aggravated motor vehicle theft, a class four felony punishable by up to six-years in the Colorado Department of Corrections.

Mr. Jones was present in Avon on April 30, 2015 with an unidentified accomplice, who committed identity theft by presenting a credit card and driver’s license that falsely identified her, when renting a 2015 Ford Expedition SUV, which retails for $55,000. Motor vehicle theft becomes aggravated and subject to increased jail sentences when the value of the vehicle is above $20,000. At trial, video footage traced the pair from the rental counter desk to the rental car they were picking up, in the company of a group of other unidentified associates.

Although the car was due to be returned to Avon on May 7, defendant Jones was arrested driving the car in Chicago on May 16, 2015. The car had been reported stolen after not being timely returned and Jones, first stopped by police in Nebraska but released, was not arrested until he was stopped for the Chicago traffic violation. At the time of the Chicago stop, defendant Jones gave conflicting statements about who had rented the vehicle and when it was to be returned to Colorado. Defendant was returned in custody to Eagle County for prosecution. Courtney Gilbert, Deputy District Attorney, represented the Fifth Judicial District Attorney’s office at trial.

Bruce Brown, District Attorney, commented that, “Because we are a resort community, split through the middle by Interstate 70, a major national thoroughfare, we are set upon by people from all over who come to make mischief. Sometimes, it takes interstate cooperation in order to travel a road to justice. We are especially appreciative of our law enforcement partners from out of state who assisted greatly in holding defendant Jones accountable for the aggravated motor vehicle theft.”

At trial, officers from the Nebraska State Patrol, Chicago Police Department, Denver Police Department, and Avon Police Department all testified in a multistate investigation spearheaded by Avon Police.

Defendant has posted $5,000 bond and was ordered not to leave the State of Colorado in advance of his sentencing hearing scheduled to occur on October 26, 2016. Defendant faces a maximum sentence of six-years in prison.