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Eagle Woman Pleads Guilty to Welfare Fraud, Ordered to Four Years Probation and Nearly $21K in Paid Restitution

EAGLE, COLORADO – Nancy Chairez-Hernandez, 33, from Eagle, CO, pleaded guilty and was sentenced yesterday, November 20, 2017, on a Class 6 Felony theft charge after she admitted to welfare fraud in Eagle County. Defendant Chairez-Hernandez fraudulently applied for Medicaid for herself and household members from May 2012 to January 2017 but failed to disclose her husband’s income during these years while receiving thousands of dollars in public assistance benefits for her and her children. Had truthful disclosure occurred, she would not have been eligible for the governmental assistance received.

In March 2016, Eagle County Health and Human Services received an anonymous tip sent to the website that Chairez-Hernandez was receiving public assistance benefits, but was also living with her husband whose income was not included in her application to Eagle County Health and Human Services, that kicked off the investigation resulting in this conviction.

“Defrauding programs that support families in need or those designed to fight hunger serving low income Americans is reprehensible. We will keep prosecuting these matters as long as people try to cheat a system that seeks to lend a hand to those in need,” said District Attorney Bruce Brown. “Over the past several months we have been able to obtain court orders that offenders pay back approximately $200,000 that have been stolen from the government by fraudulently obtaining governmental benefits,” Brown added.

Chairez-Hernandez was sentenced to four years probation, state mandated costs and fees of $2,858.50, and restitution of $20,922.73—payable to Eagle County Department of Health and Human Services. She is now disqualified from receiving any government assistance as a result of her conviction.

If you wish to report fraudulent activity regarding the receipt of food stamp (“SNAP” Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program ) or welfare benefits (TANF) please visit, call your local Department of Human Services fraud investigator, or call (877) 934-6361.

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