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District Attorney Investigating Allegations of Sexual Harassment in Lake County

Contact: Bruce Brown, District Attorney
C: (303) 810-5557

The District Attorney of the Fifth Judicial District, which includes Lake County, has an ongoing
investigation of alleged sexual harassment actions occurring within the Lake County Sheriff’s
office. A complaint was received in early October 2017 causing the initiation of this
investigation. The District Attorney’s office has been interviewing witnesses and conducting other
activity to determine whether any criminal conduct occurred. The allegations implicate misconduct
by the personnel at the Lake County Sheriff’s office. To date, no charges have been filed or
arrests made in connection with this investigation, which is ongoing.

The District Attorney may also ultimately take action to assure that any misfeasance or malfeasance
concerning governmental functions, is publicly investigated and made known, in conjunction with or
separate and apart from any criminal charges.

At the time the investigation was initiated, representatives of Lake County government were
notified to enable them to take any appropriate action, such as an internal investigation,
concerning the allegations.

The Lake County Sheriff was notified only later, to assure the integrity of the District Attorney’s

There is no timetable for completion of the investigation and further announcements will be
made as developments occur and can be made public.

The District Attorney’s office is committed to taking seriously all complaints regard sexual
misconduct and will aggressively pursue investigative leads, assuring that victims are recognized
and that cases in which any criminal activity occurs are prosecuted, no matter the position or
status of any offender.

All persons mentioned are presumed innocent unless and until findings in a court of law
prove otherwise.