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Last of Four Defendants in 2015 Gypsum Shooting of Good Samaritan Sentenced to Two Years

Serna-Gertierrez,Mateo Samuel

EAGLE, COLORADO – Mateo Serna-Gutierrez, 24, was sentenced today for his participation in the 2015
armed robbery in Gypsum which resulted in a Good Samaritan being shot three times. Serna-Gutierrez
pled guilty on January 23rd of this year to a misdemeanor count of Aiding Escape (M1). He then
failed to appear at the sentencing for this case and a second unrelated criminal case where he pled
guilty to Possession with Intent to Distribute, a drug felony-3. The court’s sentence included two
years in the Department of Corrections (DOC) for the drug felony and a concurrent six months in the
county jail for Serna-Gutierrez’s participation in the armed robbery.

Serna-Gutierrez was part of the crime spree led by Jesus Miranda, who received 42 years in the DOC
Attempted 2nd Degree Murder as the shooter of a Good Samaritan.

All four members of the crime have now been separately sentenced for this Eagle County crime:

Lucero-Almanza, the getaway driver for Miranda was sentenced to 20 years in the DOC on April
5, 2017.

A 17-year old juvenile offender, guilty of Attempted First Degree Murder and First Degree Burglary,
is serving a six-year sentence as a juvenile offender who assisted Miranda and Lucero- Almanza’s

The final sentencing today was the result of an armed robbery spree which included a failed attempt
to rob a check cashing store in Eagle before three of them went to the retail store, Tienda Montes,
in Gypsum. A Good Samaritan, Alan Gonzalez who was approaching the store, observed a robbery in
progress and the store clerk being held at gunpoint. Miranda and the 17-year old fled the store,
pointed the gun at Gonzalez’ head and told him not to call the police. As Miranda fled, the Good
Samaritan gave chase and wrestled with him, putting Miranda into a headlock. Miranda fired his 9mm
handgun, striking the Good Samaritan three times, including one bullet to the chest resulting in

Within less than an hour, Serna-Gutierrez picked up both the 17-year old and Lucero-Almanza near
the Gypsum Fire station as they were fleeing from the police, and he drove each of them to separate
locations in an attempt to help them avoid arrest.

“Finally these crime victims have received their justice, which was long in coming,” said Assistant
District Attorney, Heidi McCollum. “The outrage of this crime was only surpassed by the horror of
violence against the victims inside the store and a Good Samaritan who was truly a hero in trying
to thwart this crime,” she added. “Our appreciation goes to the diligent work of Eagle County
Sheriff’s officers and investigators who pieced together a solid case.” -DA5-

Jesus Miranda (in orange), Arnaldo Lucero-Almanza (below)

Lucero Almanza, Arnaldo